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Mosquito Repellant – DIY Nontoxic

Oh! It’s that wonderful time of year! The temps are rising, the sun is shining, beautiful colors are returning to the landscape, and every fiber of your being is calling for more outdoor time! And go you shall, but not without some natural protection from the creepy crawlers and bugs! I’d like to share with you the most powerful mosquito repellant ingredients that are toxin free and MORE effective than the store bought sprays that are filled with nasty, harmful ingredients.

Many of the chemicals found in bug spray are neurotoxic, meaning they’re damaging to the central nervous system. The EPA has listed some of the ingredients as being carcinogenic, capable of causing tumors, immune system problems, and other abnormalities. I mean honestly, if these sprays have the capability to kill bugs and melt plastic, why aren’t we asking ourselves what they are doing to us? I’m not one to wear the Negative Nancy hat, but none of that sounds like anything I would want near my body, or my kid’s skin, or literally anywhere.

My suggestion would be to simply ditch the toxins and make your own for peace of mind.

Oh and did I mention, it smells f&*king amazing! Truly!!! I’ve been told “this smells way too good to be a bug spray!”

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1. Witch Hazel and Glycerin (Mosquito Repellant Base)

Witch hazel is an alcohol-based astringent known to kill mosquitos. Glycerin is added to balance out the drying effects of witch hazel by moisturizing the skin.

2. Water (Mosquito Repellant Base)

Water is the main base for the spray. Just make sure it’s distilled or boiled! 1 part water and 1 part witch hazel and glycerin mixture.

3. Citronella (Mosquito Repellant Essential Oil)

A cousin of lemongrass. Commonly found within candles and bug deterring products citronella is a natural essential oil that deters mosquitos.

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4. Lemon Eucalyptus (Mosquito Repellant Essential Oil)

Research shows this essential oil combo provides 95% protection from mosquitos for 3 hours. So this ingredient is a must!

5. Tea Tree (Mosquito Repellant Essential Oil)

Has been used in medicine for centuries. Tea tree has been found to be more powerful than DEET at repelling mosquitos. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine effects if you do happen to get bit.

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6. Lavender (Mosquito Repellant Essential Oil)

Lavender prevents mosquito bites and calms down the skin. Plus, it smells amazing!

7. Thyme (Mosquito Repellant Essential Oil)

Thyme also has been found to be more powerful than DEET against mosquitos making it an important ingredient.

But, where should I buy essential oils?

Okay so now you know the best mosquito repellant essential oils but how do you know the best brands to use? The most important thing is that the essential oils sold are without chemical fillers, additives, or synthetics. But because the essential oil industry isn’t regulated it can become overwhelming trying to figure out which brands are reputable and trustworthy which is why I’ve put together a list of my favorites which hopefully saves you the headache of researching yourself. 

Little Fact : ***Since there are no regulations there is no such thing as a “therapeutic grade” essential oil. It’s simple a marketing term used to try to differentiate the brand. What we are looking for is PURE and ORGANIC essential oils.  My favorite brands below:

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NOW : I love this brand. It’s affordable and stocked at reputable retailers like local health food stores, Thrive Market, Whole Foods, and Sprouts. Their oils are as pure as essential oils can be and are USDA certified organic with the exception of their jasmine oil which they clearly label it synthetic so consumers are aware. (You can even shop NOW brand on Amazon).


AURA CACIA : Another brand I love and trust sold by reputable retailers such as Thrive Market, Whole Foods, and Sprouts. Their oils are 100% pure and they also label their bottles with the USDA organic seal. (You can also purchase Aura Cacia on Amazon).


Young Living and Doterra : I have been a fan of these brands for many years. They seem to do testing and ensure their products are organic however I’m not a huge fan of pyramid marketing. It feels disingenuous and unhelpful to those who need quality products at hand but don’t need them on a subscription base and not everyone is trying to start their own side hustle…



Use a 1:1 mixture of water and witch hazel. Add in 1/2 tsp glycerin and 25 drops of any of combination of the essential oil ingredients from above and spray away! (Citronella, Lemon Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lavender, Thyme)

Want a visual review of these powerful oils ? Click here

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