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I’m Amanda and Welcome to Keto Canary!

I’ve gone from interior designer to toxin free lifestyle advocate after becoming chronically ill a few years ago. Keto Canary was born from my own battle with environmental toxins, lyme disease, chronic inflammatory response syndrome, mast cell activation, a vestibular disorder called persistent postural perceptual dizziness, and gait ataxia. (Yeah, that’s a lot of diagnosis, and there’ve been many others given along the way.) At one point I had over 60 symptoms and now I have only a hand full. Through my healing journey I’ve learned the benefits of living toxin free. What foods you eat, what air you breathe, what water you drink, and even what feelings you feel, all are powerfully connected to your health. Here I share organic, low carb, gluten free recipes, and healthy lifestyle tips for daily detox from our modern world.

I’m not a healthcare professional but I am an advocate and I’ve seen my own healing. I have come to the deep belief that there is a root cause to every illness. I believe our environment is so powerfully connected to our health and it’s no coincidence chronic illness is on the rise right along with the number of chemicals that have been introduced to our bodies. Our diets no longer are what they used to be years ago and it’s time to go back to the basics. Simplify your life and detox daily.

The Four Things to Get Right for Daily Detox

  1. Home – Your environment and the air you breathe is all impacted by what you bring into your home, what cleaning products you use, what fragrance you burn, what paint you use etc. It all enters into your system through breath. I’ll be sharing tips but start being mindful of everything you bring through your door. Your door is your gatekeeper. You may be what you eat but you’re also what you breath. Start thinking of your indoor air as a synergistic relationship with your health. Light is also an important one to get right within your environment as sleep is super important for your health. It’s your body’s time to reset and detox. Setting up your home to promote a healthy circadian rhythm is key. After dark only use warm filament bulbs and don’t subject your eyes to any blue light. If screens are a must then use blue light blocking glasses.
  2. Food and Water – You are what you eat. So I ask you, what are you eating? Be mindful of eating whole real foods and avoiding anything processed. I promote low carb, ketosis, and intermittent fasting for detoxing your cells. It’s called “autophagy” and it’s the body’s natural process of cleaning itself. This discovery won a nobel prize back in 2016. Our bodies want to be well and at ease. Dis-ease is not natural. Our food is being bombarded with toxins from pesticides and herbicides to antibiotics. It’s super important to choose organic meats and produce and avoid the toxic substances that are sprayed and added to our food sources. Same with water, always choose a good water filter before hydrating. I share low carb recipes on this site as well as my social media so you always have an arsenal of recipes to choose from. Remember, food is fuel. Start reframing your mind to think that way.
  3. Body – You also are what you put on your skin. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and absorbs everything you put on it so again be mindful of the products you’re using. A lot of them are filled with chemicals that are known to cause cancer, disrupt your hormones, and wreak havoc on the body. This is why I’m a Beauty Counter consultant. It’s seriously a revolution. There is little to no regulation currently within the industry and it’s truly criminal. Beauty Counter has a long list called “The Never List” which is always being updated that names the dangerous chemicals that they never include in their ingredients. They are advocates for change and battle every day for laws and regulations to be put into place to keep us all safe. I’d love to help you make the switch to use cleaner products and while Beauty Counter doesn’t offer everything, the EWG’s “Skin Deep” website is a great resource to start looking up safe products like shampoos, soaps, etc. Also within this category of the body is movement. Daily exercise and sweat promotes detox and cleanses your body. Find something you love to do; yoga, pilates, HIIT, hiking, biking, walking, jogging, running, etc. Find what you love and what makes you feel good and do more of that.
  4. Mind – I know from first hand experience chronic stress, negative thoughts, and never allowing your body to rest & digest leads to illness. And the worst part is our modern world promotes this lifestyle of constant “fight or flight” and productivity. We have to be our own health advocate and take the time to relax our nervous system. Our minds are so incredibly powerful and it’s super important for our health to practice gratitude, meditation, yoga, whatever it is that makes you feel calm and feel good. This could be as simple as taking your dog for a walk. It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming chore, keep it simple and find something that is calming, relaxes you, and makes you feel joy.

I will keep sharing detox tips on here along with low carb, organic, gluten free recipes. Make sure to follow me on social media for daily posts.

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