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Clean Caffeine

“The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup”.

Anyone remember this jingle? I sure do, and it definitely rings true. However, I noticed coffee was making me more tired and sick feeling. It was actually taking energy away from me causing me to pickup another cup. An endless cycle all day long. That’s because coffee beans are just one one of the many environmental toxins adding to your toxic load.

“So, you’re saying there are toxins in my coffee?!”

I wish I wasn’t but I am. Caffeine from an unreliable source causes inflammation and Coffee beans are almost always contaminated with toxins from mold which can lead to all sorts of health issues; neurological issues, kidney disease, and the list goes on and on and on.

Toxic Load

Now, does this mean you have to give up your morning joe? Absolutely not! Just make sure it’s coming from a reliable clean source that tests for molds and toxins. Clean caffeine is key. Bulletproof is my personal favorite because the founder has his own personal battle with toxins. It’s a clean bean energy source and a powerful antioxidant.

Clean Caffeine
Photo from BulletProof
Clean Caffeine
Image from BulletProof

Bulletproof can be purchased on Amazon or at your local grocer

Want to step up your coffee for maximum benefits? 

  • Add MCT oil for better brain and memory function, energy boost, and increased endurance
  • Add full fat coconut milk from a can for added healthy keto fats

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