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Clean Beauty : Could Your Deodorant Be Affecting Your Health?

I stopped using antiperspirants a couple years ago after learning how bad aluminum is for your health. I learned that your body is SUPPOSED to sweat in order to remove toxins. The years I spent filling up my toxic bucket by clogging my pores and ability to detoxify genuinely makes me sad to think about. 

After being diagnosed with a chronic illness, I quite honestly would rather smell than stop my body’s natural process. Luckily, we don’t have to make that choice anymore. The market is evolving and cleaner beauty products are more readily available to us now than they were years ago, including natural deodorants

So what’s the difference between an antiperspirant and a deodorant?

Antiperspirants work by PLUGGING up your glands and preventing sweat. This means that it is actually hindering your bodies natural detoxing process. One of the main ingredients  to look out for is aluminum. The higher aluminum contents in the ingredient list, the more effective the antiperspirant will be which in turn means less detox. 

Deodorants don’t prevent sweating rather they use your body‘s natural process in order to cover up odors. This is much better for your system but you need to be diligent about looking at the ingredient list on deodorants as well. Some of these deodorants will still include toxic chemicals such as synthetic fragrances, hormone disruptors and the list goes on and on.

So, What’s My Favorite Natural Deodorant?

DeoSequoia vs Antiperspirant

I’m personally a fan of Beauty Counter and have been using their products for a couple of years. They recently launched a new clean deodorant I’m a huge fan of for multiple reasons. Keep reading to find out why.

It’s Toxin Free & Safer than an Antiperspirant

The Clean Deo is formulated without aluminum, which can potentially clog pores and hinder the body’s natural detoxification process. It is also formulated without synthetic fragrances. All of their fragrance ingredients are disclosed on the ingredient list, so you know exactly what is in each one. Nothing is hidden. This is super important because we want and need transparency in the industry.

A Natural Deodorant that Actually Works

The long-lasting, deodorant neutralizes odor and absorbs sweat to keep you feeling fresh all day. Made without aluminum, it glides on smoothly without leaving white residue and has a fresh scent.

The Natural Deodorant Ingredients

Cornstarch & Baking Soda. Work together to help absorb wetness and keep skin dry, while also helping to neutralize body odor.

Coconut Oil & Shea Butter. Natural emollients rich in essential fatty acids and nutrients to help skin feel hydrated, nourished, and smooth.

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Candelilla & Beeswax. Aid in conditioning and hydrating skin.

And it’s Good for the Environment

The Clean Deo is refillable which cut it’s water, fossil fuel, and greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 47%. Typically what’s good for human health is also good for the environment in a whole.

Honorable Mention for Natural Deodorants

I’ve tried A LOT of natural deodorants over the years. Two others that I enjoy are Native from Target and EO Essential Oils Natural Deodorant which can be found at Whole Foods although I do feel the EO brand may clog my pores a little more than what I’d like as I find myself not sweating as much which makes me nervous for obvious reasons.

The Other Natural Deodorants I’ve Tried that Didn’t Work for Me

  • Schmidt’s
  • Tom’s
  • Crystal
  • The Greeench
  • Revolver

Your Dollar is Your Vote

Not only are you investing in your health when you purchase clean beauty products, you are changing the market. As demand increases for these natural products, supply will follow. A shift is already happening and I’m happy to be a part of it.

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